Medical Knowledge Group (MKG) of Companies 2023 ESG Impact Statement

Through its subsidiaries, MKG addresses the business needs of biopharmaceutical companies through the provision of proprietary analytics and multi-channel marketing solutions. Our companies are focused on delivering the highest quality services in a compliant, ESG-friendly fashion. We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions, efficient office energy usage, driving increased employee satisfaction and retention, and promoting an inclusive workplace.

Our businesses support a critical segment of the biopharmaceutical value chain and have a significant impact on our collective goal of creating a modern, high-performing, health system. By operating our business in a sustainable and inclusive manner, we can contribute to a stable climate, while building a better healthcare system for future generations.

We are focused on the following ESG Impact Goals:

• Working towards the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard
• Reducing voluntary employee turnover and supporting diversity in our workforce throughout the organization
• Maintaining high levels of accountability and compliance by providing training and fostering a culture of compliance

Environmental Commitments
Our environmental management efforts are overseen by the Board of Directors and Executive Management Team. Together, we are seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and we are establishing long-term goals to achieve this. The Board of Directors considers Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to emissions reduction and supply chain management and is working with the Executive Management Team on specific initiatives.

Social Commitments
We view our commitment to diversity and inclusion as a key pillar in achieving our near-term performance goals and long-term sustainability. This commitment is integral to being a company that attracts, develops, and excites exceptional people. We believe that promoting inclusiveness and educating employees on the importance of diversity creates a workplace where people can thrive.

Governance Commitments
We aspire to lead with integrity and set the standard for accountability and compliance in our profession.

To achieve these goals, we are proactively building and maintaining a culture of responsible practices informed by our values, which are integral to everything we do. We have built and refined a framework that blends global best practices with high standards for professionalism, including consistent improvements to our client-service policies and company culture. Through a governed approach that includes annual ESG assessments, objectives setting, and measuring company progress, this framework is intended to underpin engagements with staff, clients, and vendors.

ESG Metrics